Our process begins with a complimentary consultation to help identify services that best fit your lifestyle needs.  Our range of services include:
Nurse Navigation and Liaison Services

Our experts act as advocates and care coordinators for you or your loved one when communicating with other healthcare providers or industry specialists. We will assist you or your loved one with an explanation around treatment options, offer advice, education, and support. Our goal is to ensure you or your loved one’s medical journey is well planned, obstacles are minimized, and you are kept well informed.

Our team will:

  • Accompany you or your loved one to medical office visits, hospital admissions, and offer discharge procedure support.

  • Provide comprehensive documentation of visits, admissions, and other significant events.

  • Assist you or your loved one with understanding industry “jargon."

  • Assist other medical professionals in understanding you or your loved one’s preferences around care, communication, and worldview.

  • If desired, serve as a point of contact for multiple medical teams.

  • Assist with appointment and follow-up appointment scheduling.

  • Assist with transitions from medical facilities to home or vice versa.

  • Answer questions and offer advice or recommendations.

  • Provide education for you and your support system.

  • identify resources and support options to include research around the top three options for residential placement outside the home.

  • Assistance for out-of-town families with medical emergencies.

  • Availability for advocacy, crisis management, counseling, or emotional support 24/7.

Health Management and Health Program Support               
  • Each in-home visit by one of our Registered Nurses includes medical screening and monitoring around blood pressure, heart and respiratory rates, weight, skin assessments, mobility, cognition, and comfort levels.

  • Our team will assist in providing these findings to you or your loved one’s medical provider.

  • We offer health coaching to assist with establishing and achieving health goals or support continued goal success.


Medication Management and Program Support

Our experts will conduct a comprehensive review of you or your loved one’s current medication regimen and offer advice, education, or recommendations for making medication adherence easier.


Our team will:

  • Review current medications as prescribed, to include indications and therapeutic goals.

  • Assess the current regimen for barriers to administration.

  • Recommend medication management solutions.

  • Provide education around injections and injection best practices.

  • Creation of a customized medication catalog reviewed and updated quarterly and as needed.

  • Assist with medication refills and prescription pick-up.

Nutrition Screening and Meal Planning Support

Our experts will conduct a nutritional screening to assist you or your loved one in identifying health risks associated with changes in nutritional status. Additionally, we can offer assistance in meal planning and preparation.


Our team will:

  • Conduct an initial nutritional screening with quarterly follow-up or as needed.

  • Make recommendations to share with your medical provider.

  • Assist in diet recommendations made by your medical provider.

  • Consult with Registered Dietician.

  • Grocery planning and meal coaching.

  • Meal Preparation.

In-Home Safety Assessments

Our Registered Nurses will conduct an in-home safety assessment to help identify and reinforce key components to a safe environment.


Our team will:

  • Assess mobility, mobility assistance devices, and physical environment for risk potential.

  • Assess medication regimen for medications that can be considered “high risk” and increase the potential for a fall.

  • Make recommendations to increase in-home safety.

  • Assist in the implementation of in-home recommendations if desired.

  • Initial assessment with quarterly follow-up or as needed.

Post-Procedure Nursing Support

Post-procedural care can be challenging and overwhelming. Our skilled Registered Nurses support you or your family member with the following after-care assistance:

  • Wound care management.

  • Drain management.

  • Pain management to include assistance with prescription pick-up, establishing dosage times, and administration reminders.

  • Assist with understanding after-care and discharge instructions.

  • Assistance with appointments and follow-up appointments to include transportation.

Resource Concierge

Silver Fettle understands the importance of whole-person care that’s why we offer assistance in finding the resources needed to help you or your loved one live the best life possible.

Examples of resource coordination:

  • Errand Services.

  • Transportation Services.

  • Social Wellness Services.

  • Spiritual Advocate Services.

  • Pet Therapy and Pet Support Services.

  • Housekeeping Services.

  • Caregiver Intermissions Services.

In-Home Nurse Triage

Our nursing experts at Silver Fettle can help you or your loved one in the decision-making process when it comes to determining if a visit to your doctor, urgent care, or the emergency department is in order.


Our team will:

  • ​Provide a hands-on, head-to-toe, nursing assessment.

  • Make recommendations on the next level of care.

  • Coordinate care with your medical provider.

  • Offer transportation support.

  • Offer Pharmacy Support.

*$49 dollar dispatch fee, after initial assessment regular hourly rates may apply.


To ensure the best fit for our clients, our team offers customized pricing options. Our services can be obtained on an individual hourly basis, through bundled service hour selections, or any combination to best suit your needs. Please contact our team for details.

*To ensure quality, confidentiality, and individualized care, Silver Fettle accepts private pay exclusively.

**Bundled nursing support hours require a non-refundable deposit (to be applied to the last invoice).