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We provide a comprehensive, collaborative approach to health and well-being.


At Silver Fettle Nurse Concierge Services, our goal is to bridge the gap between the medical world and you. Our care managers are passionate about helping you or your loved one navigate the healthcare system. We assist in the reduction or elimination of incidents of fragmented care by synchronizing transitions between care settings. We offer informed care strategies that proactively help you or your loved one in achieving or maintaining a therapeutic lifestyle so you can live your best life possible.


With Silver Fettle, we partner you or your loved one with Registered Nurses only. Our Registered Nurses are industry experts and will use their insider perspective, deep knowledge base, and expert skillset to serve as your Personal Healthcare Advocate. Registered Nurses consistently rank as one of the most trusted professionals in the United States. Silver Fettle will offer nothing less than the industry's best and most trusted professional to you and your loved one. 

  • Nurse Navigation and Liaison Services

  • Health Management and Health Program Support

  • Medication Regimen Review and Program Support

  • Nutritional Screening and Meal Planning Support

  • In-Home Safety Assessment and At-Home Disaster Preparedness Screening

  • Post-Procedural Nursing Support

  • Resource Concierge

  • In-home Nurse Triage

  • Additional Services Based on Client Request

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